Brighten & Enliven – Illuminate your life with color-changing technology

Inception Lighting’s innovative product is the first practical and affordable application of color changing lighting for a home, business or city.
Inception Lighting

A spotlight on numbers that shine

Our lighting system has the potential to help homes, businesses and cities realize savings thought substantially lower energy consumption and less maintenance while protecting the environment at the same time. Pays for itself in 2 years – reduced energy bills help pay for the product purchase quickly – product requires little to no maintenance savings – a ten year warranty is available. 50,000 hours life expectancy – ling life’s span helps reduce carbon footprint requires minimal electricity to permeate, reducing energy usage – Long lasting lower-voltage lights that are reliable and sustainable. 87% power usage savings – low-voltage LED lights use 12% of the energy required by standard string lights – Efficient, quality lighting lowers energy costs uses only 60 watts of electricity for 200 feet of light. It’s the perfect solution for my house. We can now create the perdest ambiance year round. Everyone who comes to the house during the day says, “I thought you put lights on your house.” My response, I did – you just can’t see them.” I highly recommended this to every homeowner that enjoys being festival regardless of the season!
Gazebo lit with inception lighting

Custom Lighting that you control

Custom Lighting that you control Anywhere anytime Our easy –to-use control technology makes it simple to access your lighting remotely and control multiple buildings from one controller. The product’s high-tech control options enable you to customize colors and timer options as well as program light sequences. Our high-tech control solutions range from localized, on-site controllers to cloud-based solutions controlled from your computer or mobile device. Our wireless controller/ hub has cellular capabilities and runs on its own reliable network, enabling the internet of Things, Wireless controllers /hubs have a built-in light sensor and can be programmed to come on automatically at specific levels of darkness.

Manage Lighting for Multiple properties

Control the lighting for one or several buildings from a single device. Cloud based Control Solutions – operates on an independent, reliable network with a wireless/controller hub. Customize lighting from any device – Access and control lighting form any mobile device or computer – Schedule a year’s worth of holiday and event colors and LED light sequences at 255 levels of brightness Real-Time control from anywhere – Advanced control technology lets you operate the lighting from any location at any time. Whatever the season, whatever the reason We offer a localized, on-site controller that enables you to customize colors and schedule the lights for up to 12 months for every occasion, including Christmas, Halloween, independence Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and football game day. Inception Lighting’s color changing technology makes it easy to select static colors or color –changing scenes. You can create the perfect ambiance year-round without detracting from your home or building’s exterior. During the day, our product looks like a decorative molding, designed to line the top edge of a home or building. At night, our product provides bright, color changing lighting that communicates a holiday or occasion that is special to you.


Our lighting enhancement will brighten and highlight your building’s architecture. Improved night visibility will make employees and customers feel safer. The system eliminates the risks of frequently accessing the roof to replace and maintain traditional lights.
Commercial Inception Lighting

Experience color changing Lighting

Adding value to your business, city & house. Our sophisticated product takes exterior lighting to a whole new level with color-changing lighting theme choices and easy – to use controlled technology... Our lighting system can improve your space to sustainable, aesthetically appealing, and safer. With a one-time permanent installation, you can illuminates every occasion, event or holiday that is special to you. Sense of Community – communicate your interests or special occasion and create a uniform, nighttime aesthetic of color changing light that instills pride. Sustainability our lighting solution consumes 87% less electricity, lowering your carbon footprint. Aesthetics the LED are embedded in a decorative molding cover that is offered in several standard colors or they can be color matched to the trim of your home or building. Seamless installation – Our one time product installation is simple and can be customized to meet your needs.


Our lighting solution reduces your environmental footprint by lowering energy consumption, increasing your city’s sustainability while visually enhancing buildings and outdoor spaces. The lighting improvements will energize you city and make residents and visitors feel safer.
Commercial Inception lighting.


Illuminate your home’s exterior for any special occasion using our permanent LED lights that blend into existing architecture, making them barely visible during the day. You no longer have to worry about climbing a ladder to hang up and remove holiday lights.
Residential Inception Lighting - Breakfast Purple
Residential Inception Lighting
Contact Premier Landscaping today so we can tailor a quality lighting solution that will transform you home, business or city. Established in 2011, Inception lighting offers a permanently installed, architectural LED lighting system that provides discreet & forward-facing Lighting. Facebook : /inceptionlighting