It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas Lighting, especially if you are looking for them to be hung professionally. While professionals are not cheap, they do alleviate many headaches from doing it yourself.

Great Gift

• Professional Christmas Lighting makes a great gift for that special someone who loves the holidays.

Other Holidays

• Most people think Christmas is the only time to have holiday lighting installed. Holidays from many cultures are celebrated throughout the fall and winter. Festivals’ of lights & colors not to mention, holiday lighting can make your Halloween spectacular look extra spooky.

DIY Christmas Lighting

• DIY can come with a host of problems: tangled lights, storage, damage to your residence and maintenance. All of these issues are covered by most professional lighting companies.


• Professional lighting firms, for the most part have their own designers on staff, you can customize, specific colors, ornaments even specialized letter and inflatables.

Quality Lighting

• Incandescent or traditional light bulbs waste a good deal of energy; 90 percent of their energy is released as heat They can be a fire hazard if placed too close to cloth or flammable materials and burn out quickly. Unlike traditional bulbs, LED lights are more efficient, durable and long-lasting than fluorescent incandescent lights. They do not give off heat, so you eliminate the risk of being burnt and more energy is converted to creating light & they can last for years.


• Stringing lights across your roof and around your home can be a safety hazard. Shorts in electrical lights, a tinder dry tree can be deadly. There are over 200 Christmas tree fires and over 14 related deaths each year according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Not all lights are rated for outdoor use indoor lights often have thinner insulation, they can become cracked and damaged if exposed to the elements outdoors. Modern lighting today has fuses, do not use tacks, nails or screws if pierced they can be electrified, use insulated hooks, most professional lighting companies use insulated hooks like Christmas Décor by Premier Landscaping of Lakewood.

Start Early

• Hobbyist’s start as early as July and have a plan over the fall months. Technical and intricate designs require an enormous amount of time and planning. Design, music, display & hanging the lights is a process that occurs over a period of months. A professional design is all about convenience.

Advantages of Using a Professional

• As a professional company, Premier Landscaping Lakewood installs Christmas Décor. They have timers for the lights that will switch on and off at designated times. During the set-up you can have them synced with your favorite holiday music. Lights have been rated by a testing laboratory. You can see a list of federally recognized labs on the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s website. Professionals use specialty hooks instead of using nails, staples or tacks.